Understanding extreme events driven by climate and cryospheric change in the Caucasus

The proposal is aimed to exchange the expertise from the Russian team in glaciers and remote sensing and natural hazards and tree-ring sciences from the Swiss team, and to form the next generation of young researchers in the field, and more precisely in the Mt Elbrus region (Caucasus).

The Russian team will be led by Dr. Dmitry Petrakov and Dr. Olga V. Tutubalina from the Faculty of Geography, Moscow State University. The Russian team specializes in glacier and glacier lakes ground-based and remote monitoring, mountain hazards assessment, debris flow and GLOF field recognition. The members of the Russian team have experience of similar studies in different mountain regions of the world including the Andes, Cordillera Mts., Scandinavian Mts., Heng Duan Shan Mts., Kamchatka, Altai, Khibiny, Caucasus, Pamir, and Tian Shan.

The Swiss partner will be led by Prof. Markus Stoffel and Dr. Juan Antonio Ballesteros-Cánovas, Chair for Climatic Change Impact in the Anthropocene (C-CIA), Institute of Environmental Sciences at the University of Geneva. The C-CIA team has extensive experience in climate change impacts research in mountain environments and has gathered baseline data on the occurrence and magnitude of disasters in general and in the field of debris flows in particular. Team members are performing fundamental research to identify geomorphic changes in high-elevation environments and have developed and/or applied models (mainly 1 and 2D hydrological / hydrodynamic models) to study hydraulic, hydrogeomorphic, and fluvial processes.

The exchange of both teams will be fundamental for an improved understanding of disaster processes in high mountains, and to increase chances of success during future project submissions to calls which have been identified already.



Dr Juan Antonio Ballesteros Cánovas PhD
University of Geneva
Department of Earth Sciences

Prof. Markus Stoffel PhD
University of Geneva
Institute for Environmental Sciences

Dr Dmitry Petrakov PhD
Moscow State University
Faculty of Geography

Dr Olga V. Tutubalina PhD
University: Moscow State University
Départment: Faculty of Geography