Intercultural approaches in teacher education: a comparative and exploratory study Switzerland – Kazakhstan

This project is a partnership between University of Geneva and Al-Farabi Kazakh National University focuses on enhancing intercultural approaches that are necessary in educating teachers in Switzerland and Kazakhstan. Both educational systems are dealing with an increasing cultural and linguistic diversity. The research emphases on intercultural approaches necessary in educating teachers to become globally and culturally competent and how teacher educators could cooperate for mutual benefits of both countries.

The research is centred on three issues:

  1. Exploring multicultural competencies of teachers in Switzerland and Kazakhstan?
  2. Analyzing the representations / conceptions of multicultural education of teacher’s educators
  3. Identifying differences and similarities between Switzerland and Kazakhstan in implementing multicultural education

As a first phase of the collaboration, the partners will work on the implementation of a common questionnaire "Multicultural Efficacy Scale (MES)" to measure intercultural competencies of prospective teachers. The team will also do interviews with teacher educators in both universities to explore their orientations and believes on intercultural competencies.

In a second phase, taking advantage of the results of the exploratory study, the two teams will present a request for a larger joint research project.

The results of this research can be valued both in the initial training of teachers in partner institutions and in the continuing training of professionals confronted with cultural diversity.


  • University of Geneva
  • National Kazakh University Al-Farabi
    • Prof. Almash Seidikenova
    • Mr. Aitkali Bakitov
    • Ms. Raushan Matkerimova