Development of an Energy Management System algorithm for a modular Energy Storage System

Residential prosumers are Smart Buildings, which are capable of feeding  energy into the grid based on renewable energy sources like photovoltaics  and at the same time can limit their energy consumption through controllable loads (e.g. heat pumps). Energy storage is an important element of residential prosumers, allowing to decouple production and consumption of electricity with the help of an energy management system (EMS). Residential prosumers play a fundamental role in realizing the full potential of the future European and Russian energy market and will participate in the energy transition process.

BERN UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES is the leading house in Switzerland for testing and developing components and systems for smart buildings. Their unique infrastructure called "Prosumer-Lab" allows their researchers to emulate the electrical energy flows of a single-family home or apartment building with photovoltaics and battery storage in a reproducible manner – up to a maximum power of 50 kW. The structure is deliberately kept modular and flexible, hence different system components of a smart home can be compared and tested, e.g. energy managers, inverters and battery storage. Grid simulations with RLC components or real cables allow the investigation of grid effects such as those occurring at a weak grid connection point.

SKOLKOVO INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY is a private graduate research university in Skolkovo, Russia, a suburb of Moscow, established in 2011 in collaboration with MIT. The Skoltech Center for Energy Systems and ist Microgrids laboratory is  a unique laboratory in Russia offering facilities to test novel control technologies in hardware. Skoltech would like to take advantage of the lab to establish it as a leader in Russia in developing and testing in real hardware and new strategies for controlling microgrids.

WATTS BATTERY is a Moscow based company, developing the first consumer friendly uni-cell modular storage system with an integrated energy management system, making it possible for everyone to manage power sources at their home or apartment. It’s  an all-in-one design, integrating all components for a home energy storage and supply system into one power cell, with the dimensions of a suitcase and with a weight of only 10 kg per unit. The system connects seamlessly to a cloud platform and will learn from user statistics, adjusting it's performance to the user profile.  When used in conjunction with home on-grid power, the management system will automatically switch between battery, on-grid power and solar generation to maximise cost savings for the user.

Within the frame of an Innovation Seed Grant, Watts Battery is willing to support the establishment of academic and technical bridge between Bern University of Applied Sciences and Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology to share knowledge, best practices and help to ease the integration of distributed energy solutions, increase sustainability, safety of existing and newly made energy systems and devices for RES, energy storage and management.

In this project the academic partners will establish a testing procedure for the development of the Watts Battery energy management system and help Watts Battery to implement and test optimized self learning optimization algorithms.



Federico Martin Ibanez Ph.D.
Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
Center for Energy Systems, Microgrid laboratory

Prof. Dr. Andrea Vezzini
Bern University of Applied Sciences
BFH Energy Storage Research Centre

Prof. Keith Stevenson Ph.D.
Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
Center for Electrochemical Energy Storage, Center for Energy Systems

Yuriy Vlasov CEO
Watts Battery Ltd.